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Critical: Win10-IoT UWF Hotfix

VXL urgently recommends that you download and install the hotfix below for all Win10-IoT thin clients.

This hotfix has been issued in order to improve the operational reliability of our Win10-IoT thin clients.

The hotfixes address the following issues:

  1.  The UWF Cache Handler fix corrects the issues that stops the Microsoft scheduled maintenance task and automatically creates scheduled tasks for Defender to scan and update the system. This results in memory errors.
  2. The UWF Cache fills up and does not release its contents on a FIFO manner resulting in memory utilization errors.

Supported Platforms

All VXL Win10-IoT Thin Clients

Applicable Operating System Builds

All Win10-IoT builds

Download the hotfix

  1. To download UWF Cache Handler hotfix: CLICK HERE
  2. To download the UWF Cache content hotfix: CLICK HERE

Installing the hotfix manually

  • Place the hotfix onto a USB pen drive
  • Power on the thin client
  • Log in as Administrator
  • Disable the UWF
  • Once the thin client has rebooted, log in as Administrator again
  • Plug in the USB pen drive with the hotfix
  • Execute the hotfix on the thin client
  • Enable the Write filter

Installing the hotfix using Fusion Pro

  • Launch Fusion Pro and log in as a valid admin or using a credential that has permissions to upload to the repository and deploy updates
  • Upload the hotfix EXE file to the repository
  • Select the Devices/Groups you need to update
  • Navigate to the Software & Patch Install/Uninstall section on the right side command panel
  • Click New Install when the central lower section shows the installed application list
  • You will now see the form for deploying the hotfix, below the application list
  • Fill it out and APPLY
  • The task will now be sent out to the selected devices or groups.
  • NOTE: You can also create a template to do the same thing and keep it for future use.

If you have any questions or difficulty, please raise a support ticket.

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