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KB221020121516 - Citrix Receiver 13 management in WES clients using XLmanage


XLmanage has not been able to handle connection management within Citrix Receiver v13 until XLM Patch 2.4.


Citrix changed the way in which it stores connection data in Receiver 13. This meant that XLM was unable to manage the connections and allow administrators to copy connections from a master device to other devices within the infrastructure.


This resolution is for Windows Embedded Standard clients only. There are two parts to this resolution:

  1. XLmanage server side patch 2.4 or later is required.
  2. XL Client Agent Patch for WES Clients (Client side deployment)

Both files are downloadable from:

XLmanage 3.9 Patches:

Client Agent XLM3.9 Patches:

To learn how to deploy and use please consult the PDF attached to this KB article.


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