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KB010320131352 - Security Patch Updates for WES-7 (XLM)

Security Patch Updates for WES-7.32bit

The following are the security updates for use on VXL and Lenovo Windows Embedded Standard builds.

Preparing the Security Patches for Installation

Once you have downloaded your chosen security pack, you will need to extract the RAR/ZIP file into an appropriate directory.

There may be several patches within a compressed archive.

Each compressed archive consists of an EXE and TXT file. The TXT file will inform you of what the security pack contains.

How Do I Install the Security Patches

You can install the security patches using the following methods:

  1. You can use XL Manage to install the security patch. You will need to do one at a time to ensure proper installation takes place.
  2. You can manually install on each device using a USB drive after logging on as Administrator.

FUSION INSTALLATION NOTE: We are re-issuing the security patches for use with Fusion Device Manager on September 1, 2013 or at the earliest.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Patches Available:

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