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KB141220171251 - How to upgrade firmware through DS Manager

You need to be in the DS Manager side, either by logging in through Creator or directly access the DS Manager server from your browser.

  1. Within the DS Manager, open the 'Device Settings' on the right, select 'Upgrade Management' and 'Software Upgrade'.
  2. Select 'New Update'
  3. Select 'Source Type' - New upload
  4. Select 'Source' - HTTP (which is the default repository to upload)
  5. Select the black folder symbol to bring up the open file box and navigate to the the new firmware you wish to apply.
  6. All firmware will be listed with an extension (.tar.bz2) and the latest is available within this section.
  7. Select 'Upload' 
  8. When the firmware is being applied, several reboots will occur during the process.
  9. To check to see if the update has been successful, check the build number associated to it.
  10. WARNING.. the player will go through a series of reboots and any current campaign playing may get removed, if this happens resend the campaign again to the player.
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