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KB190620171416 - 'Disconnected error' when trying to VNC into an active device

If the disconnected message occurs during a VNC session, there are a number of factors which could be causing this;

  1. Firstly ensure that you are on the very latest of Fusion UDM server.
  2. Ensure ALL the communication ports are open between the Server and Client;
    • TCP ports 9001 to 9020, 5500 and 5901
  3. The VNC password for both Windows and Linux client are different. Ensure the correct password for the group is correct; 
    • Windows = default
    • Linux = admin
  4. When you first initiate the VNC function, ensure the correct VNC type is selected;
    • Reverse VNC for connection over a WAN environment
    • Forward VNC for connection over a LAN environment

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